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Southern Sonora is not only the location of some of Sonora’s most-visited tourist sites, but it is also an industrial and agricultural center of the state of Sonora, and a breadbasket for the region.

Sonora, Mexico has a tremendous variety of natural environments, from dry deserts in the north to semi-tropical ecosystems in the south.

Southern Sonora is at the edge of a tropical ecosystem, so it is more humid than the north and has a variety of tropical animals. This weather also makes it ideal for growing crops, and southern Sonora is one of the most productive agricultural regions in Mexico.

Major cities in the south include the industrial and agricultural city of Ciudad Obregon the bustling city of Navojoa and the agricultural town of Huatabampo.

This region is also home to many of Sonora’s top tourist attractions, from ecotourism and birding to visiting the beautiful colonial pueblo of Alamos, known as a favorite tourist destination and home to American and Canadian expatriates.

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