Northern Sonora

Professional Dentistry in Northern Sonora, Mexico

In addition to the option of visiting the office of a Mexican dentist on the border, have you considered going to a dentist’s office that is a short drive from the border, in one of the cities of Northern Sonora?

Northern Sonora has some great tourist destinations that are also homes to some of Sonora’s best dentists.

Just a short drive south of the border you can find the magic pueblo of Magdalena de Kino, a popular Northern Sonora tourist destination. Other places to visit in North Sonora include Santa Ana, the archaeological ruins at Trincheras and the charming pueblos of Altar and Pitiquitoa. 

The municipality of Caborca not only shares a border with Arizona, but it includes small coastal communities like Puerto Lobos and Desemboque. And of course, the most popular tourist destination in Northern Sonora is the seaside resort of Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point.

In fact, you may find that dentists in Northern Sonora may be less expensive than those dentists on the Mexican border (which still only charge up to 60 percent less than U.S. dentists), especially for basic procedures like extractions.

So click on a link to see a Mexican dentist directory in the towns of Puerto Penasco (also known as Rocky Point), Magdalena de Kino, and Caborca.

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