The coastal city of Empalme, Sonora

The city of Empalme is a coastal community and municipio (similar to a county in the U.S.) a few kilometers away from the deep water seaport city of Guaymas.

The city of Empalme has more than 40,000 residents, the entire municipality (which includes the city) has more than 50,000. Empalme, which means “junction” in Spanish, was originally built by foreigners as a railroad station and repair site.

The economy of Empalme is still dependent on the railroad, as well as agriculture, cattle and fishing. There are miles of beautiful beaches in the municipality of Empalme which have not yet been developed for tourism.

There are several qualified dentistry professionals in the city of Empalme, as well as in nearby Guaymas and San Carlos, Sonora.

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