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Professional Dentistry on the Border of Sonora, Mexico

Sonoran border cities and towns are the easiest for dental tourism patients to access, due to their close proximity to the U.S. So the border region is by far the most popular area for dental tourism in Sonora, where dental patients can find well-qualified dentists with modern clinics and English-speaking staff, who provide quality dental services for much less than dentists charge north of the border.

When you think of a Mexican border town, what comes to mind? Ceramic donkeys, other cute curios, tequila, vanilla or other souvenirs?

Well, think again. The border towns that straddle the international border between Sonora, Mexico and Arizona have become major centers for international medical and dental tourism.

Some of the best dentists in Mexico have come to the region to establish modern clinics that provide dental services at a fraction of the cost of what American dentists charge – and that includes what you may pay in the United States, even if you have dental insurance.

Nogales is the most-visited dental tourism locale on the Sonoran border region, with many dentists offices within a short walk of the border in the Nogales border tourism district.

But other Sonora cities, such as Agua Prieta, Naco and San Luis, also provide cross-border dental services at greatly discounted rates.

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